A spiritual retreat to lift the soul

Retreat is a natural part of life. Each day the darkness retreats as the light appears; each night the light retreats as darkness ensues. Each month and each day, year-round, the tide flows in and then, retreats. The word retreat comes from Old French, “retret,” which means to “draw back,” or to “call back.” How often do we take time to meaningfully “retreat” from our demanding lives to go inward to address the needs of our souls?

Taking the time for spiritual renewal by joining an organized retreat is an essential element of spiritual practice; yet, all too frequently we overextend ourselves, putting off this much-needed practice that leads to our spiritual health.

Visiting Krsna’s pastime places in the dhama will not only renew the participants – body, mind, and soul – but will also deepen their personal relationship with Him. Join in to renew yourself and feel a deeper connection to Krsna, His devotees, and to devotional practices!
Sri - London Thank you all who organised the yatra..really appreciate all that you have done to make this such a memorable trip..thanking everyone for your association..looking forward to many more
Ind - London It was my first yatra to Vridavan felt the potency of the vraj and it was a truly blissful yatra of my lifetime
Ji - London Thank you for starting this venture and giving such a wonderful spirtual experience.

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