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A spiritual retreat to lift the soul

from £1349 / per person
  • 17 Oct 2024 - 03 Nov 2024
  • Vrindavan, Kolkata, Mayapur, GEV

Kartik : Immersive Experience

(14 reviews )

This incredible retreat has been carefully crafted to enhance your spiritual well-being and allow you to delve deep within yourself in a serene and reflective environment.

from £1599 / per person
  • 23 Dec 2024 - 03 Jan 2025
  • GEV, Kolkata & Sridam Mayapur

Global Youth Retreat for Spiritual Empowerment

(22 reviews )

Invest in yourself now to be a spiritual billionaire as you grow older. Escape the grind, break free, and join our retreat with friends for a joyful experience in the dham. Embrace transformation and nurturing connections with divine energy. It's tim

from £825 / per person
  • 15 Feb 2025 - 23 Feb 2025
  • Govardhan, Barshana & Vrindavan


Just a few captured glimpses from our retreats.

" The overall experience was amazing. I will definitely not forget this trip and all the memories I made. The retreat was well planned out. There was a good opportunity to take advantage of the classes, kirtans, activities, and parikramas but at the same time, there was plenty of time for everyone to relax. The bus travel from Puri from Mayapur seemed quite long but with the association of the devotees, the time we spent on the road went by quickly "

Advaith Global Youth Retreat : Empowerment for Rising Stars

" I really enjoyed the retreat. There was an excellent balance of activities, places to visit and rest days. The 3 location trip was great. "

Jaishree Govardhan Eco Village, Vrindavan & Govardhan

" Really really enjoyed the yatra. It was amazing to be able to visit the holy dhams in the presence of Vaisesika Prabhuji and Nirakula Mataji, hear Maharaj’s classes, all the programs, as well as being exposed to international travel for the first time without my parents. "

Avaneesh Global Youth Retreat : Empowerment for Rising Stars

" Pure nectar from beginning to end! Thank you so much! "

Wendy Global Youth Retreat : Empowerment for Rising Stars

" I am grateful I was able to visit these 3 holy places in this lifetime. I will read books specifically about these places now as I have more connection due to the pilgrimage experience. We also managed to see so much in Kolkata. The katha at each holy place was more than I expected and so really liked that. The accommodation was always a ‘walkable’ distance from the temples and mangal arti. The song book/notebooks and other docs were nicely presented - the songbook is something to be treasured. I do not know (just yet) how this pilgrimage has affected my spiritual journey overall but it has certainly deepened my faith and commitment to the holy name. "

Unknown Appreciating Mayapur & Jagannath Puri Dham
  • 66 St. Edmund Drive
  • Stanmore, London
  • HA7 2AU, UK